This winter spend some time with your family. And here are a few ideas to get you going. It's family time!

It’s that time of the year in Calcutta when the weathers at its best and the holiday spirit is all around. And this is when you have the brilliant opportunity of making up for all the missed weekends and spend a laid-back time with the family, creating memories. So get off of your mobiles and social networks and just enjoy the pure unadulterated joy of being with your family & friends in the real world.

So here are some of our ideas of how to make best use of this winter in Calcutta!

Go for the long overdue special breakfast

Treat your family to a fun breakfast. Take the spouse out and surprise him/her. We have so many great options for the all-time favorite INGREJ breakfast, alongside the evergreen kachuri-jilipi, that it’s a shame that we don’t go out for breakfast more often. Try Tiretti for the Chinese breakfast or Raj’s Spanish Café in Sudder street for a Spanish spread too.

A family breakfast at Flurys is what the winter is for. Source ~ Link
A family breakfast at Flurys is what the winter is for. Source ~ Link

The never ending adda session & house parties

Create a simple invitation. Send that thing out to all the friends and family that you miss seeing and invite them over for a barbecue on your rooftop or something even as simple as Singhara, Chop, Chaa & dollops of old fashioned Bengali adda. Seems out of the blue? Trust us, it always nicely surprises everyone and who doesn’t like an excuse to meet people they love?

Remember the House Party from Jagga Jasus? Source ~ YouTube.
Remember the House Party from Jagga Jasus? Source ~ YouTube.

Food, food & more food.

Ti’s is the season to binge! Just go online. Pick any area in Calcutta. See how many new joints have come up recently? Go and explore all of them with the family. And please leave the phones behind, and talk to each other while waiting for the order, find out what everyone is up to and see the entire family grin together for the perfect groupfie!

And by the way, in case you’re wondering why we dedicated this entire post to family time, blame this heartwarming video we came across. Hope you like it too!

Movie Marathon

Gather all the pillows, cushions, GODI, LEP-KOMBOL in the house and pile them up in front of that big TV. Bake some popcorn, flip open one of those food ordering apps and order dinner. Pile the family in, turn the lights off and start the Calcutta international home film festival. Awesome way to go back to the classics or introduce the children to the joy of Satyajit Ray’s flicks or the all-time-favorite Home Alone!

Gupi Bagha never get old. Source.
Gupi Bagha never get old. Source.

A book reading session

Get hold of a nice comfy chair at the coziest corner of your house. Gather the children and the family and read from one of your favorite books (we recommend Ruskin Bond or Satyajit Ray). To spice it up, announce the book reading session in advance and use background music in places to heighten the plot effects. Keep the conversation going too, between the lines. This is one beautiful way for the entire family to sit together and participate in the joy of good storytelling.

Reading together. Source ~ Link
Reading together. Source ~ Link

Games galore

When was the last time you played the childhood favorites of Ludo & Snake-Ladder & Uno & Scrabble? Yeah, been a long time! So, get the family together, make some hot coffee and start a game of Ludo or a to die-for round of Uno. You will be surprised how well the grandparents are in predicting the CHOKKA In Ludo!

Ludo with the family. Source ~ Link
Ludo with the family. Source ~ Link

Go hit up Happy Street in Park Street

Every Sunday between 6:30 A.M. – 9:30 A.M. Park Street is blocked from all traffic and a fun carnival begins. Happy Street is an initiative to get you out of bed on Sunday morning and partake of activities like Jogging, Cycling, Skating, Painting, Aerobics, Zumba, badminton, Basketball, Football, Volley Ball all in the open expanse of Park Street. It’s a fun jamboree for the entire family and we promise you there something for everyone here!

Happy Street in Park Street.
Happy Street in Park Street. Source.

So there you go – have a great winter with the entire family and make sure you include regular doses of GUR & MOWA into all the fun!

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