Feluda is every Bengali's favorite sleuth. But how well do you know him & his case diary? Take this quiz and show off your MOGOJ-ASHTRO!

Pradosh Mitter, a.k.a. FELUDA, was our idea of the perfect idol. As Bengali kids we all wanted to talk like him, yield his razor sharp MOGOJ-ASHTRO,  craved to be in Topshe’s place & guffawed at Lal Mohan babu’s gaffes & literary faux pas.

Sometime back, we quizzed you with the EASY FELUDA QUIZ. Too easy, many said. So here is the tougher version of our homage to our favorite sleuth from Ray’s pen. If you are a Bengali worth your weight in Shorsher Tel, then it’s time you took this quiz and found out how big a fan of Feluda you really are. Joy baba Felunath!

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