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Sourav Ganguly meets Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan once tried walking into the home of Sourav Ganguly. And then he got thrown out. See these videos for the hilarity that ensued.

Aamir at Saurav Ganguly home. BONGFeed. Source ~ Youtube
Aamir at Saurav Ganguly home. BONGFeed. Source ~ Youtube

We all know where Sourav Ganguly stays right? And we would all love to meet him at his house and get a tour from him as well! But alas, we ain’t getting that chance soon. But Aamir Khan sure can do that. He did try walking into Dada’s home once in 2009. But he was stopped at the gate and turned back, exactly the way you or me would be if we came knocking saying “EK PHOTO LENA THA UNKE SAATH…”.

In the first video, Aamir dresses up like a common nutcase fan and tries entering the house . But in the second one, he comes back with Dada himself and the fun begins in earnest. It just warms our heart to see the two greats together in such a casual setting.

This is where the fun began!

And then he came back.

And Dada plays the great host.

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