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Photography contest

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Share your best images that show us the SPIRIT OF DURGA PUJA. And we will share your creativity on our social media walls and award the top 3 most LIKED images with Flipkart vouchers

Source ~ http://www.livemint.com/rf/Image-621x414/LiveMint/Period1/2014/09/27/Photos/puja--621x414.jpg
Source ~ http://www.livemint.com/rf/Image-621x414/LiveMint/Period1/2014/09/27/Photos/puja--621x414.jpg

So photography is your salvation & you have been carrying around your DSLR or new mobile around the city of Kolkata while it is slowly decking up for the Durga Puja. And for sure, you have clicked some superb pictures which express the SPIRIT OF DURGA PUJA better than a 1000 words. But seldom do you got a chance to share your creative vision with everyone.

So this year, we at BONGFeed want to see the “spirit of pujo” through your eyes. Make us a part of your pujo celebrations and send your best clicks expressing the “SPIRIT OF PUJO” to bongfeed@gmail.com. And we will plaster our Facebook wall with your creations, for all to admire! But the cracker is, the best images, get Flipkart vouchers! Talk about a double whammy – Love from social Bongs and a nifty voucher to buy stuff!

So here are a few points that will make this fun thing a little more serious sounding!

  1. Please send in all your entries to BONGFEED@GMAIL.COM.
  2. There are no restrictions on image size or quality. You can send in your pro-level RAW images or a VGA pic from your old Nokia mobile. We want to see them all!
  3. You can send in more than one image and more than one mail. We don’t want you to click your best pic on Oshtomi and then regret sending over the one you shot on Soshti.
  4. You can use your phones, digicams and SLRs. As long it has got lenses and records images it works for us.
  5. You can start sending in images from 16th October, 2015 and go on and on till Dashomi (22nd October, 2015).
  6. We will publish selected images on Oshtomi (21st October) @ 10 A.M. and 23rd October @ 10 P.M. from the lot you send us.
  7. Here’s how we (or rather you and your friends) decide the TOP THREE – the 3 images getting maximum LIKES on the BONGFeed Facebook page by Sunday (25th October), will win the Flipkart vouchers (and get taken out for a beer the next weekend by us). So now we’ve been democratic and given you the chance to get your friends to finally prove their worth too!
  8. By the way, in case you are insanely good, please know that one participant cannot get more than one of the top 3 positions. It may happen that one of you out there is the next Prahlad Kakkar and your 3 entries get all the likes. We will reward your effort with one voucher and let lesser mortals win some too.
  9. Not that we expect you to do this but, please submit your original work. We hate a creative genius not getting her/his due credit.

So that was the serious bit. Now it’s time for you to go out and get crazy with the cameras and snap some of the best shots of Durga Puja ever. Let these images for once and for all answer to the question – WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT THE DURGA PUJA & WHY DO BONGS GO BONKERS?

Godspeed to all you camerawallahs!
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