Srijit's Rajkahini was a hard hitting flick. More so for Jaby Koay, an American coming across the trailer for the first time. And this is how he reacted.

Jaby Koay (@jabykoay) , a YouTuber from LA, loves Indian movies and he records his reactions while watching Indian movie trailers trending on YouTube. Usually he covers Bollywood stuff but recently he started reviewing regional desi movies as well. Most of his stuff is so damn hilarious that yours truly watched all his trailer reactions in one single sitting (while getting late for work!).

Jaby Koay Rajkahini Trailer Reactions
Jaby Koay Rajkahini Trailer Reactions

There is also a sweet Bong connection with Jaby Koay – the Desi trailers he sits watching are actually recommended by Moumita (@Moumita57), a Bong belle from “amader” Calcutta. And thus, recently, Jaby did a trailer review of Rajkahini (yes, the same Rajkahini by Srijit that you didn’t watch but your parents did!).

Here’s the video of him watching the Rajkahini trailer. His initial silent reactions to the gun wielding Bong women on screen is quite a testament to how hard hitting a movie it was (and obviously, how strong our women are on screen & in real life!).


Go Jaby! And “oshesh dhonnyobaad” Moumita!

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