He is NOT a Bengali. But his Rabindra Sangeet performance & Bengali pronunciation is spellbinding. He is Sanam Puri and here is his amazing cover of TUMI ROBE NIROBE.

It is not everyday that a Non-Bengali performer attempts to belt out a not-so-easy-to-sing Rabindra Sangeet. Hence, when a Youtube celebrity singer from Delhi tries it, our Bong ears go aflutter – “Oh really? He’s going to do WHAT?!” We can’t wait to laugh at his failed effort and criticise his bad pronunciation of Bengali words.

But then there’s Sanam Puri, the self-taught lead singer of the Delhi based band SANAM. And he has not only attempted but done a stellar job of singing one of Rabindranath’s immortal ballads. It’s a soulful performance and his perfect pronunciation of Bengali words is what will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Watch the video and be stunned!

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