It’s Poila Boishakh – the Bengali New Year today! It’s the day of the year when Bongs wear new clothes and their kitchens exude the aroma of freshly prepared delicacies.
But we have a different recipe for this year, how about eating at some exotic eateries a short drive away from Kolkata ?
Drive down to these 5 off beat places near Kolkata for a brilliant lunch!

1. Bonolakshmi

Countryside flavours amidst chirping of birds in woods.Get yourself soaked in the excellent food and the soothing earthy ambience the place, near bolpur offers.

Bonolakshmi, Bolpur

2. Itachuna Rajbari

A relaxing getaway from the city for a short stay and an amazing eating experience.

Make sure to have your reservations in advance.

Rajbari Itachuna

 3. Bawali Rajbari

Yet another day trip back to nostalgia, accompanied by a royal bengali lunch.

rajbari Bawali

4.Raichak on Ganges

Splurge yourself in one of the most premium places around Kolkata amidst absorbing landscaped greenery.

Ffort Radisson, Raichak

5.Sher e Punjab

Superb punjabi food, across a lovely drive to Kolaghat on the Kona Expressway.

Sher e Punjab, Kona Expressway

 Did we miss your favorite place?
Have a better destination in mind?
Let us know about your choice to drive to near Kolkata!

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Banglar Baagh

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