Bengalis (men & women) have long been tagged as avid drinkers, smokers and basically dabblers in all such nefarious activities. Here are 10 reasons why the Bengali dudette or dude you think is a total nutcase is your best friend.

  1. The coolest cat/dog

They are cool. Accept it. They talk awesome, have a weird but awesome accent & make the best conversationalists. They are chilled to the core when left to enjoy themselves.

Cool drunk –
  1. Relax mamaaaaaaa

The Bengali who indulges herself/himself by drinking or smoking or getting high is actually the most relaxed mate you can ever have. Sher/he rarely is gonna get on your nerves or disturb anyone. They are going to lie back & enjoy the trip with a peaceful smile. Benign is an understatement.

Mark Wahlberg Relaxed – Giphy
  1. You wanna dance?

Ever been out partying with a drunk Bengali? They are gonna be reserved at first, but then comes that point when they throw caution to the wind & out comes the raging DISCO DANCER. She/he is gonna set fire to the dance floor!

DRunk dancing – Tumblr
  1. Who the hell cares?

We all hate being judged when we are out partying & end up in stupid ass situations. Bless a Bengali juicer to know this very well. They will not only NOT judge you but they will also join you in your weird & outlandish plans of “CHAL BAWAL MACHATE HAIN!”

  1. Where’s the manager?

Badly crave for the sane head when it’s time to pay the bill? Ask a Bong. She/he will count every Tequila shot you had and berate the manager for every extra penny you were charged!

Waiter – Giphy
  1. Girls, you are protected!

A Bengali man hates nothing more than taking advantage of a sloshed belle. If she is not walking straight, trust a Bengali dude to guide her home safe & sound.

I’ll drop you – RapGenius
  1. Baaki mai pee lunga!

The insatiable appetite of a Bengali when it comes to drinking is legendary. Not one drop is going to be wasted if you have a Bengali on her/his feet at a party! No amount of booze is enough! We Bongs are forever thirsty & hate wastage you see!

Sersei More wine – PinImg
  1. Let me roll/pour it for you

Honestly, if you have ever been high or been out drinking with a Bengali, you know how much they love showing off their peg making or reefer rolling skills. But, come on, they do make awesome bartenders & joint rollers!


Breaking bad rolling – Imgur
  1. Dhatttt, ami jabo na ekhun!

If you’ve heard that & didn’t know what it means – listen to this next song & the key chorus is what she/he is saying!

  1. Morning after – selective memory

Bengalis are adept at forgetting shit. You puked like a pig last night? You kissed the cute stranger on the dance floor? You told the traffic police that you were an MLA? The Bengali will forget all those embarrassing secrets & remember only the awesome time you had! Your secret’s safe with a Bong!


Morning After – TinyPic


Love your drunkard, forever-high Bengali friend? Let us know their epic stories!


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