Starting from Devdas & Paro, Bengal has seen many a Bong couple tumble & bumble in love.. But, there is something unique in the love stories that blossom in our Engineering colleges. We try documenting the stages that the techie romance goes through in so called National Highway Institute of Technology, somewhere in Bengal - or maybe in most lands!

  1. Ice Breaking using ‘dhop’ as a weapon in 1st semester

: ‘Madhyomik er por ami boi khulei dekhi ni, jointer ageo kissu porini, baba bolchilo porer bochor aar ekkktu bhalo rank korlei Durgapur NIT peye jabi. Ami bole diyechi, ami kichutei one year drop korbo na

: ‘Ekdom thik korechis, last year amar mashir cheley Heritage e peyechilo Computer Science. Mesho bollo bole join na kore IIT dilo e bochor. Ek bochor wait kore ei bar B.P.Poddar e ECE niyeche, ki labh ta holo!!

new couple

  1. Taking the Bullet.

Poor guy comes to know that the girl has a boyfriend back in Techno India Kolkata, who’s a year senior. Our protagonist, though shattered, has nerves of steel, and takes it with a smile. He vows to not give up & braces himself for a rather long and brutal battle. Bring it on!


  1. Best friend first – The elaborate plan begins…

He downgrades from Gold Flake King Size to Flake (‘Counter de na bhai’), but douses himself with gallons of his all-time favorite ‘Brut’ deo, goes out with her every evening, borrows books from the college library, for her and what not – ‘Baba tui chinta korish na, ami HOD er shonge kotha bolechi, aami xerox kore toke diye debo sob notes’!

bengali lover

  1. And friends can go to hell…

“Tora na sotti, bokac****r moto kotha bolish! Or boyfriend achey re Kolkata te, o shudhu amar bhalo bondhu… Char aaj ar mod khabona… Kaal shokale date ache or shonge…”

boy gang

  1. Fierce Protector!!

: ‘Aami kintu oi cheletar bara-bari sob ekkebare sesh kore debo, chene na to amake! Tumi kintu amake next time kotha bolte debe, tomake kichu bolle aami eder gushti uddhar kore debo, maayer dibbi bolchi!!’ – he makes sure he punches a mirror in the boys’ washroom during peak lunch hours.

: ‘Na, ekdom na, tomake amader majhkhane porte hobe na, ami thik shamle nebo. Tumi or moton bodmas noye, o shudhu babar poishaye matlami kore roj ar amake phone kore jalaye. Ami dekhchi… Ar parchina shona eke niye…”

prakash raj

  1. Airtel/Vodafone/Reliance/Tata Indicom

Even though he escorts her back to the girls’ hostel every night  (missing the dinner at his own hostel in the process), the first thing he asks when he calls her is ‘khawa hoye geche tor?’ & then the next 4-5 hours are spent talking about God knows what. He knows every damn Airtel-to-Airtel local, Airtel-to-Airtel STD, Airtel-to-Vodafone, Vodafone-to-Airtel plan by heart !

mobile pack

  1. Therapist.

In the meanwhile, our lassie’s fling with the mataal-dada back in Kolkata has turned sour & our hero plays the understanding Counselor every time her relationship hits rough waters. He knows it very well that the shoulder he’s allowing her to cry on is soon going to get a love bite ! Hence he’s in no hurry to play his trump card – ‘Dekh, eta kintu puro tor bhul, long distance relationship soja byapar na… Tui oke trust na korle ki kore cholbe bol to ?!

banali prem

  1. Devdas !

The folklore of his sacrifices and selfless love has by now bored his friends to death, hence they empathize – ‘Ba**** tokey amra aagei sabdhan korechi. Ei meyetar chokkore porishna, toke shudhu use korche ! Chup kore ekhaney boshe mod ta kha, ar mariye labh nei ! Chala re Linkin Park er In The End, head banging kori ektu !

Sad Bong - Sharukh Khan

  1. Theek bolchis bhai, ar time waste kore labh nei…

Our hero has played the friend-zoned, good Samaritan for too long & now it’s time to go for the kill! He slashes his wrists, ingests some sleeping pills and gets hospitalized. BINGO! Overnight he’s the new incarnation of Romeo to the girls’ in our heroine’s hostel, who unlike our hero’s friends, are far more sensitive and take it upon themselves to convince the princess – ‘Bokami korish na, er theke bhalo chele tui ar kono din pabi na! Kotto bhalo bashe toke. Eto din kichu bollo na, onno kono chele hole toke use korto !’ By the way, all our Hero’s friends are baffled & frowning – ‘Pagla C, haath ketey nilo ei meyer chokkore !’ Who the fuck cares now though, our Hero has nailed it… err… not literally… not yet!


  1. Maa- Baba!!

The protagonists of our story had already met each other’s’ parents on Howrah/Sealdah Railway Stations, back when they were “just friends”, since commuting to hometown together was a pact even then ! Now the entire Girls’ Hostel eagerly awaits the formal announcement – ‘Haan, we ARE together! Maa-Baba ke janiye diyechi ami, bollo theek ache tora pora sesh kore, degree niye, bhalo chakri peye ja, amader kono objection nei’. Yipppee, partyyyyy……….!!

proud parents

  1. Chakri!!

It’s down to business now for the first time. The entire batch is up against the administration for not being able to conduct adequate on-campus drives. Our sweet couple has by now completely forgotten the 1st year’s tall claims of ranks in JEE that had them missing Jadavpur/Shibpur by a whisker and our hero is occasionally heard saying ‘Shuorer bachha shob bhenge debo! Amar baba amake du lakh taka donation diye ei college e bhorti korechey ar aami college theke ekta chakrio pabona??’ Anyway, after all his friends (mataal gulo, bodmash gulo) and our princess, he too finally gets a job in an MNC. He calls up his mom and is delighted to hear her teasing him – ‘Bouma ke bol ami ar tor baba jachchi or baari or maa-babar shonge kotha bolte !


And thus, our ENGINEERING COLLEGE LOVE STORY comes to a fruition!

And they lived happily ever after in BTM 2nd Stage and commuted together to ITPL by 500C….

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