Education in Bengal, Working in Bangalore - The Bong dream ! Even after years in Bangalore, a part of Calcutta never leaves you. You will never get over it, and you keep loving or cursing it frequently. Here are things people say once they move to Bangalore from Calcutta.

1. Kolkatar work culture khub baaje, keu kaaj korte chaye na !

No one likes to work in Calcutta. A siesta is a must, post a heavy maach-bhaat lunch. A part of you still misses the nap though.


2. Kolkatae prochur politics !

Bapi da, Poltu da, everyone is a neta in Kolkata – be it at the workplace, campus or in your para. You better be smart or be out of the game.


3. Kolkatae aadhyek shomoy lok jon cha ar cigarette kheye e kaatiye deye!

Tobacco and Tea – Two leaves Kolkata consumes crazily.


4.Summertime sadness – Kolkatae ki pach-pache gorom ! Bangalore er weather ta besh bhalo!

You start comparing the beautiful weather of Bangalore with the not so pleasant humidity of Kolkata.


5.Ami ar Kolkata’r bus e uthte paarbo na, Bangalore er Volvo gulo awesome.

The bus service of the two cities are poles apart ! You have now gotten used to the AC volvo buses & would dare not get into a super packed Kolkata bus !


6.Ekhane ektao bhalo mishti pawa jaaye na !

The Bong’s sweet tooth always yearns for the parar mishtir dokan.


7.Aloo koi ? Biriyani te keu curry paata deye ?

Curry leaves in biryani ?? Get me some aloo !

8.Jai bolo boss, Kolkata r moton meye pabe na kintu Bangalore e

Nothing beats the beauty of a bong woman.

Chompa Maal

9.TOIT prochur expensive, ei taka te China Town e mod e chan hoye jabe

Common dialogue when a Bong pays the bill in a Bangalore pub.

Golden Empire Drinks & Bar Menu

10.Ashtamir din code likhchi bhai, last year Maddox e ki adda hoyechilo !!

Going to office during Durga pujo, is going to hell.


11.Manager bangali, tao kharap rating dilo. Bangali e bangalir shotru hoye.

And you thought, you would get a favour?  Never happens between two bongs.

12.Ei salary Kolkata e pele, aajkei paata fele debo !

A part of you, keeps calling you eternally back to Kolkata ! But it never happens, and you eventually make peace with Bangalore !


13. Bhai Indigo te offer cholche, Kolkatar ticket ta ekkhuni kaat

Air tickets to Calcutta are expensive, so the moment there’s an offer, a Bong must buy it right away.

14. Bangalore er autor bhara is twice the Kolkata taxi bhara

ONE-AND-HALF Saaaarrrr. Taxi nei keno ekhane ???

15. Bangalore e weekend e kotto acitivity, Kolkataye kissu nei

Weekend in Bangalore – Cycling trip to Nandi Hills, Laser Tag & Go Karting at Marathalli, Ooty, Coorg, Wayanad, Hampi etc etc.

Weekend in Kolkata – Chol Mandarmoni jaini onekdin.


These are just a few things Bongs say when they leave for Bangalore from Bongland. Let us know more, cause we know you have tons of them!

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