This epic timelapse video of Kolkata by a techie is a montage of all that our city embodies - the best of colonial architecture coexisting with modern infrastructure, all by the banks of the Hooghly under an auburn Sun.

Jayanta K Ghosh,  a techie from Kolkata has created an epic time lapse video of Kolkata. The video is a montage of all that our city embodies –  flamboyant, Gothic and Neo Classical architecture mingling seamlessly with the shiny façades of state of the art infrastructure. It’s a beautiful rendering of all that the city offers to an explorer. Enjoy the video and support the creator. We say “SABASH”!

And this here is the Behind the Scenes video of the creator & the talented team at work. It’s inspiring to see these passionate Kolkatans & stellar technicians talk about creating such a moving video.

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Banglar Baagh

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