Kolkata just got a brand new clock tower and it is an exact replica of the iconic Big Ben. Here are 7 essential facts you need to know about this new Bong attraction.

So you’ve been seeing random pictures on Facebook of this Big Ben like clock tower that has suddenly come up somewhere in Kolkata and it just looks unreal. But it is real. And here are the essential details about this Kolkata Big Ben you need to know before you start bragging to your friends about Kolkata’s new attraction.

  1. The structure which is a replica of London’s BIG BEN will be known as “Kolkata Times Zone” and you can see the imposing structure right at the juncture of Lake Town and the VIP road.

    Kolkata Times Zone. Source ~ iamin.in
    Kolkata Times Zone. Source ~ iamin.in
  2. Work on this clock tower has been completed in less than 10 months (which is a super fast speed considering how long it has taken the Paroma island flyover at E.M.Bypass to complete).
Kolkata Times Zone
Kolkata Times Zone Commemoration plaque

2. The height of the structure is 135 ft. from street level with around 80 ft. of concrete piling underneath level zero. That is taller than the average ten story building but is well short of the actual Big Ben (315 ft).

Kolkata Times Zone
Kolkata Times Zone exterior grill work

3. The entire structure has an area of 900 square feet and the external grill work is an exact replica of the BIG-BEN exterior.

Kolkata Times Zone
Another view from across VIP road

4. The four giant clocks face the four cardinal directions. Each of these clockfaces has a diameter of 12 ft. each. The mechanical work of the clock has been designed and built by the T.R.Clock Company, one of the oldest horologists of Kolkata.

Kolkata Times Zone Clock
Kolkata Times Zone Clockwork

5. The budget for this project was approximately 10 million INR (1.36 crore to be exact) and it was commissioned by the South Dumdum Municipality.

Kolkata Times Zone Clock view
Kolkata Time Zone Clock view

6. The external structure has been fabricated from a special material called Fibre Reinforced Polymer (F.R.P), which has been casted into hundreds of blocks and then installed with utmost accuracy around the tower to create the Big Ben like facade.

Kolkata Times Zone
Kolkata Times Zone Night View

7. The tower has LED lights fit all over it and it lights up in the evening, keeping with the original Big Ben’s light works. The total length of LED wiring runs over tens of kilometres.

Kolkata Times Zone
The view from across the VIP road has stunned a couple of cops

We are loving this new addition to the Lake Town-VIP Road area (which has now been transformed into an eye catching and beautified patch of green over the last year) and wish the local municipality the best of luck for their future efforts.

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