SATYAJIT RAY – a name that echoes all that we Bongs love – films, music, art, detectives, science fiction, short stories and his beautiful illustrations. Today we celebrate the maestro’s 92nd birthday with a  collection of the iconic movie posters he designed for his path breaking movies. After all, Ray was a graphic artist to begin with!


GUPI GAYEN BAGHA BAYEN – The loving ghost, the beloved village musicians & Ray’s amazing special effects!

Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen Poster – Google

APUR SANSAR – The coming of age of one of Rays’ most romantic characters – Apu!

Apur Sansar

SHONAR KELLA – Feluda, Topshe,  Jotayu & the iconic chase sequence on camelback. Dushtu lok…

Shonar Kella Poster

HIRAK RAJAR DESHE – Gupi & Bagha made this social satire a joy to watch.

Hirok Rajar Deshe Poster – PinImg

CHARULATA – The genius Ray pays homage to the genius of Tagore. And those binoculars of Charu!

Charulata Poster – Amazonaws

JOY BABA FELUNATH – Feluda & Captain Spark fight crime on the banks of the holy Ganga.

Joy Baba Felunath Poster – Blogspot

NAYAK – The magnum opus of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar – A superstar playing the coolest role of his life!

Nayak Poster – SatyajitRayWorld

SIMABADDHA – The perfect portrayal of life in a metropolitan city through the eyes of a young bourgeois.

Simabaddha Poster – Pinimg

DEVI – Rays celebration of the mother goddess.

Film posters: Devi

JALSHAGHAR – Ray’s salute to the decadent days of zamindars, their fall to poverty & the last remnants of illusions of grandeur.

Jalshaghar Poster – Wikipedia

PARASH PATHAR – The Philosopher’s stone & how it wrecked havoc in a simple man’s life.

Parash Pathar Poster – TheNational

GANASHATRU – Ray creates Ibsen for the Bengali audience.


AGANTUK – WANDERLUST & that baritone of Utpal Dutta!


KAPURUSH – The dark twin of Mahapurush.

Kapurush Poster -SatyajitRayWorld

MAHAPURUSH – Superbly comical satire aimed at the pretentious gurus we fall prey to.

Film posters: Mahapurush, The Holy Man

ARYANNER DIN RATRI – Youth, lust, friction, friendship & a forest – perfect recipe for a taut drama. Simi Grewal as a tribal girl was oh so lovely!

Oryonner Dinratri Poster – SatyajitRayWorld

PROTIDWANDI – The adversary – city life lived by a youth torn between his ideals and his need for a job.

Film posters: Pratidwandi


KANCHENJUNGA – Darjeeling. The haunting tune of the pahari child singing on Mall Road. And Chabi Biswas.

Kanchenjungha Poster – SatyajitRayWorld

GHORE BAIRE – Tagore & Ray – epicness personified. Also the steamy French kiss that took Bengali cinema by storm.

ghare baire

SATRANJ KE KHILADI – Munshi Premchand wrote this story & Ray put it out into the world of celluloid. The costumes ,sets & the conversation are works of art!

Satranj Ke Khilari – SatyajitRayWorld

MAHANAGAR – A heart warming sketch of life in Calcutta & how a married couple matures while living through lockouts & heartbreaks. A young Jaya Bachchan is a joy to watch.

Mahanagar Poster – SatyajitRayWorld

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