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If we pissed you off, if you loved us, if you want to criticize us, or if you want to give us a pat on the back, contact us at and we’ll leave our macher jhol-bhaat aside and look into it immediately.
We promise we’ll reply within 4 days (In case we spill gorom cha on our keyboards, it might be 7 days!).
Partners Buy us a beer!
In case you want to advertise something that a Bengali must know about and that will improve their jibon, please shoot a mail to .
We’ll meet you for a beer on the next weekend at Oly Pub, but you’re buying (don’t worry, we drink cheap stuff like Stella Artois & Corona.)
Contribute to BONGFeed – Let us buy you a beer!
If your Bengali creative genes are ready to burst out and make history, do let us know.
We love super creative Bengalis and we buy them free beer, chanachur & paantua every Saturday, once they drop us a mail at

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For all other random queries (like meds for Ombol, Kolkata bus routes, Poltudar mobile number etc.) or just to have bhaanrer chaa somewhere, keep reaching us on email:

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