Iftar in Ramadan - Source ~

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We are well into the holy month of Ramadan and a true Bong uses this opportunity to gorge on these lip smacking Iftar delicacies.
Praktan - BONGfeed. Source ~

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Praktan is the comeback film of Bumbada & Rituparna. But how good it it? Here's our review of the movie.
Jaby Koay Rajkahini Trailer Reaction

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Srijit's Rajkahini was a hard hitting flick. More so for Jaby Koay, an American coming across the trailer for the first time. And this is how he reacted.
Kolkata Timelapse

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This epic timelapse video of Kolkata by a techie is a montage of all that our city embodies - the best of colonial architecture coexisting with modern infrastructure, all by the banks of the Hooghly under an auburn Sun.
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Share your best photographs of the SPIRIT OF DURGA PUJA. We will share your photography skills on FB & award the 3 most LIKED images with Flipkart vouchers
Indian Jam Project. Source Youtube

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This stunning Indian Jam Project fusion covers five scores from the Harry Potter Movie Series. It's just beautiful when Indian classical meets Harry Potter!
Bong Food

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Do you keep forgetting the meaning of Bong food names? Confused how to explain them to your Non-Bong friends? Here is a list that explains Bong delicacies.

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A bunch of Bangladeshi Bollywood fans decide to go out into Sydney and dance to Hindi chartbusters in front of random strangers. Watch the video to check out the LOL reactions.

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Oh Calcutta! Amar Kolkata. Somewhere between the two names, our city lost a lot of it's uniqueness. Let's see if you remember them. Here's a big dose of nostalgia!
ABP Ananda Earthquake Live TV

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The earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25th April was felt on Live television by this newsroom on Bengali television. Watch the entire incident here.

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Most of us grew up when Kolkata was still called Calcutta. A lot of the things that made our childhood in the city legendary have been lost to time & modernity. Here we reminisce about the Calcutta of the 90s where we grew up into the Bongs of today!

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The twitter 100SareePact would be nothing without these 5 Bengali sarees! Come on Bong women, flaunt these and stun us!

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This video on Kolkata will make you fall in love with Kolkata again!

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Starring Sushmita Sen, Ritwick, Jisshu Sengupta & our favorite rockstar Anjan Dutt, NIRBAAK is the next flick from Baishe Shrabon director Srijit Mukherji

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Who is your favorite Byomkesh from among the stalwarts who have portrayed this famous Bengali sleuth on the big screen & telly.