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He is a stellar mathematician. He went to UC Berkeley. He is a renowned professor of geometry. And he is a monk. Check out Mahan Maharaj's interview here.
Kolkata Times Zone

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Kolkata just got a new clock tower & it is an exact replica of the iconic Big Ben. Here are 7 essential facts you need to know about this new attraction.
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He is an IITian. Was working in Kolkata. But then he quit his job & started Mandii - an epic startup that will soon change the SME financing game in India. Read here about this awesome Mandii.

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She is the ideal Bengali woman for most of us - a literary genius, an NRB (Non Resident Bong) with strong connections with her Bengali heritage, highly educated and a strong personality.

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Remember Megastructures on National Geographic - the awesome series that shows us how engineering marvels across the world are created? They are now in Calcutta and this is the reason why.