Every Bengali kid’s initial life lessons !

Every Bengali kid’s initial life lessons !

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 Every Bengali kid is taught essential life lessons from the day of her/his birth. These are our favorite lessons we learned early in life.

1.Maacher kaanta nije baachte shekh !

Nothing should come between you and your fish !!
Bongs learn how to tackle those dangerous fish bones with unmatched perfection at a very young age.


2.Tabla/guitar/painting/singing/dance classes

Every Bong friend you have, knows one of these.

It’s in their DNA, they have to be good at some form of art other than studies !


3.Onko te eto kom marks kano ?

Math ! They have to do the math and they have to be good at it. A bong child scoring a hundred in maths and failing all other subjects, is still a hero.


4.Baba maa’r mukher opor ekdom torko korbe na !

Mom and Dad are always correct ! Can never challenge their logic !


 5.Notun bat shobai ke dibi na !!

You are not supposed to share your cricket bat with anyone, whosoever it be !!!


6.Tiffin ta puro shesh kore anbi !

Dont even think about skipping lunch, the one your mom lovingly made for you. Giving the food away to someone, or even throwing it away was a much better option than facing your mom !


Did we miss some of the lesson Bengalis teach their little ones? Let us know!

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