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Teen Kori (translates to THREE PIPS) is the lazy, laid back, food loving Bong bibliophile who can spend days sitting on his arm chair and doodling or reading while there's a steady supply of colored fluids and music.

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Earthquakes are terrible and scary. More so when your morning television show accidentally shows it on Live TV. This video captures those moments of panic and disarray.

ABP Ananda Earthquake Live TV

It was an absolute nightmare for most of Kolkata this last Saturday morning when the earthquake shook & jolted us like never before. ABP Ananda, a premier Bengali news channel, was telecasting a Live pre-election debate when suddenly the anchor felt the jolts but bravely stood his ground while some of the panelists and crew started panicking. The camera catches the situation that every one of us faced that morning in Kolkata.

Check out the video here & see for yourself how real the event was.

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    Madhavi Mondal - NDTV via Youtube

    The people of Hiranmoy village, deep in the Sundarban, have achieved something amazing. The villagers of this remote village were tired of non-existent roads and they finally decided to take matters into their own hands. With a little help from World Vision India, an NGO, they have now constructed brick roads to help them connect to the outside world.

    NDTV reports – “Brick by brick, literally, they are building roads connecting their remote villages to the rest of the world — with a little help from an NGO, World Vision India. The NGO is supplying the bricks. But the labour is voluntary, a labour of love.”

    The volunteers include many women who have this to say – “”We realised that if we didn’t participate, nothing will happen. We have to build our own road,” said Bonyamoni Mondol, who has been working on brick-lining the mud road for a week now.”

    There are extraordinary stories like this in the report as well –

    “Among the most motivated is 26-year-old Madhavi Mondal, who went into labour last monsoon but couldn’t reach the hospital as the mud road had been washed away. She delivered her son Shubham in the house. “I suffered a lot. I’m working to build this road so other mothers don’t suffer.””

    Madhavi Mondal - NDTV via Youtube
    Madhavi Mondal – NDTV via Youtube

    Four years & 12 kms later the villagers have taken responsibility & shown the world what a few well meaning and decisive AAM-AADMI can achieve. Hats off!

    Watch & read the article here – NDTV – In Bengal’s Sundarbans, a Road Built With Voluntary Lab

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      Being a fan of the red side of Manchester is kind of a fad now. But then there are the truly passionate Bengali fans of the English juggernaut. The Manchester United Fans Club of Kolkata has proved their love for football by organizing the Jimmy Murphy Trophy 2015.

      Jimmy Murphy Trophy
      Jimmy Murphy Trophy

      Here are 6 important things you need to know about this exciting effort!

      1. Manchester United Fans Club Kolkata (MUFC-K) is a registered, non-profit organization which organizes 2 tournaments each year among many activities including live match day screenings. The first of the year is an 8/9 a side tournament in summer and the one during winter is a 5 a side tournament.
      1. There have been 4 tournaments organized by them since 2013 and all have got an amazing response from players and members alike.
      1. Jimmy Murphy Trophy 2015 is the summer tournament for the year and is an 8-a-side tournament. There are 8 franchises bought by the members of the club and player registration was closed when numbers met 120. The 8 franchises have selected their team from these players with a squad of 10 for all. The franchises will own the team till the 2016 winter tournament.
      1. The players were allotted to teams via auction that was held in 2 phases. First, it was for a marquee player who is considered to be among the best of the players registered. This was bought with real money by the franchises. Post this, the remaining 9 players were sold via online auction using virtual points system.
      1. The teams have all been named based on Machester lore. And the warriors are –
      • Beck’s benders (They bend like..You know who!)
      Beck's Benders
      Beck’s Benders
      • Bobby’s Best Law (Legends take a bow!)
      Bobby's Best Law
      Bobby’s Best Law
      • Fergie’s Fledglings (Those miraculous boys!)
      Fergies's Fledglings
      Fergies’s Fledglings
      • King Cantona’s crusaders (They carry Eric’s swag)
      King Cantona Crusaders
      King Cantona Crusaders


      • Red Devils Xtreme (You know why!)
      Red Devil's Xtreme
      Red Devil’s Xtreme
      • Stretford United (That stand that chants the best)
      Stretford United
      Stretford United
      • The Traffordites (The home of the Reds)
      The Traffordites
      The Traffordites


      • Fergie’s Hairdryers (Sir Alex’s wrath)
      Fergies Hairdryers
      Fergies Hairdryers


      1. Oh we almost forgot! is proud to power the Fergie’s Hairdryers! We just couldn’t help but be a part of this awesome event! Come on boys, bring home the trophy!


      Here are the tournee details –

      Date: 26th April 2015

      Time: 9AM to 9PM

      Watch it in Live

      Place: Tarun Dal, Kudghat

      Format: Group (4 teams in 2 groups) + Knockout

      Total games: 15

      Be there and enjoy an awesome day of football!

      GO REDS!


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      Twitter is on a rage with the 100SareePact – wear 100 sarees in 365 days & share your pics on Twitter. The Bengali woman is ideally the best ambassador for this – she can rock a saree like no other! We present to you the top 5 Bengali sarees we would like to see on Twitter flaunted by our Bengali belles!

      1. Tant

      This quintessential Bengali saree is traditionally made by the weavers from all over West Bengal and Bangladesh but typically few places like Murshidabad, Nadia, Hooghly of West Bengal and Dhaka, Tangail of Bangladesh are famous for taant saree weaving. They are functional yet excellently designed. The staple red bordered Taant is not the only option but!

      Tant Saree –
      1. Baluchari

      Baluchar Sari originated in Bengal and is known for depictions of mythological scenes on the pallu of the sari. It is mainly produced in Murshidabad and producing one sari takes approximately one week or more. The Baluchari Sari has been granted the status of Geographical indication in India.

      Baluchari Motif – Krishna driving Arjun –
      1. Dhakai Jamdani

      The semi-transparent, thinly woven silk sarees that originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh, accentuates every curve of a Bengali woman. Need we say more?

      Bangladeshi bride in Jamdani sari.jpg
      “Bangladeshi bride in Jamdani sari” by Joy prokash roy -via Wikimedia Commons.


      1. Tussar Silk

      More than 40% of Tussar silk is produced in the Malda district of West Bengal. A true Tussar silk saree with traditional Bengali motifs like the “buti” and “pata” is sure to make you look gorgeous!

      Tussar Silk saree – IndiaInMyBag
      1. Kantha Stitch

      Kantha is a type of  fine embroidery popular in Bengal and Odisha. Kantha stitch was used to depict rural scenes on bedspreads made using piles of old sarees. The sheer intricacy on the spread of a kantha stitch saree can steal your breath away.

      Kantha Stitch sarees

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      Drunk Devdas
      Drunk Devdas

      Bengalis (men & women) have long been tagged as avid drinkers, smokers and basically dabblers in all such nefarious activities. Here are 10 reasons why the Bengali dudette or dude you think is a total nutcase is your best friend.

      1. The coolest cat/dog

      They are cool. Accept it. They talk awesome, have a weird but awesome accent & make the best conversationalists. They are chilled to the core when left to enjoy themselves.

      Cool drunk –
      1. Relax mamaaaaaaa

      The Bengali who indulges herself/himself by drinking or smoking or getting high is actually the most relaxed mate you can ever have. Sher/he rarely is gonna get on your nerves or disturb anyone. They are going to lie back & enjoy the trip with a peaceful smile. Benign is an understatement.

      Mark Wahlberg Relaxed – Giphy
      1. You wanna dance?

      Ever been out partying with a drunk Bengali? They are gonna be reserved at first, but then comes that point when they throw caution to the wind & out comes the raging DISCO DANCER. She/he is gonna set fire to the dance floor!

      DRunk dancing – Tumblr
      1. Who the hell cares?

      We all hate being judged when we are out partying & end up in stupid ass situations. Bless a Bengali juicer to know this very well. They will not only NOT judge you but they will also join you in your weird & outlandish plans of “CHAL BAWAL MACHATE HAIN!”

      Source – GIFRIFIC.COM
      1. Where’s the manager?

      Badly crave for the sane head when it’s time to pay the bill? Ask a Bong. She/he will count every Tequila shot you had and berate the manager for every extra penny you were charged!

      Waiter – Giphy
      1. Girls, you are protected!

      A Bengali man hates nothing more than taking advantage of a sloshed belle. If she is not walking straight, trust a Bengali dude to guide her home safe & sound.

      I’ll drop you – RapGenius
      1. Baaki mai pee lunga!

      The insatiable appetite of a Bengali when it comes to drinking is legendary. Not one drop is going to be wasted if you have a Bengali on her/his feet at a party! No amount of booze is enough! We Bongs are forever thirsty & hate wastage you see!

      Sersei More wine – PinImg
      1. Let me roll/pour it for you

      Honestly, if you have ever been high or been out drinking with a Bengali, you know how much they love showing off their peg making or reefer rolling skills. But, come on, they do make awesome bartenders & joint rollers!


      Breaking bad rolling – Imgur
      1. Dhatttt, ami jabo na ekhun!

      If you’ve heard that & didn’t know what it means – listen to this next song & the key chorus is what she/he is saying!

      1. Morning after – selective memory

      Bengalis are adept at forgetting shit. You puked like a pig last night? You kissed the cute stranger on the dance floor? You told the traffic police that you were an MLA? The Bengali will forget all those embarrassing secrets & remember only the awesome time you had! Your secret’s safe with a Bong!


      Morning After – TinyPic


      Love your drunkard, forever-high Bengali friend? Let us know their epic stories!


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      Bengali girls! Just those two words make most Indian men smile. But it’s not just their lovely eyes that draws us to them. It’s also their unbeatable attitude and charm that entices us all.
      Here are a dozen things our lovely Bong belles say that absolutely sets our hearts aflutter!


      With a sigh and a longing look at a handsome khoka!

      Ish ki mishti – Tumblr



      With a raised eyebrow or maybe a playful smack

      Girl abuses – EliteDaily



      In a conspiratorial tone.

      Smoking hot – Tumblr



      Thee shall not smell or slur!

      Time to get home – Tumblr



      She decides what’s best for her, not her boyfriend… Not that even her dad dares to!


      No No – Tumblr


      1. I’LL PAY THE BILL

      Chivalry is passé, she pays her own bills

      She pays the bill – sixr



      With a passing look at a wannabe Bong lolona In a loud dress?

      Look at that



      Tharkis around, peek-a-boo begins!

      Peekaboo – ForGIFs



      To the uncouth oggler!

      ogler – Imgur



      Proximity alert!

      Stay Away – Imgur



      Cozying up is for private moments, PDA is kiddish!

      PDA – Tumblr



      To cheesy sugar coated proclamations of love by her pan-pane boyfriend.

      Irritated – Tumblr


      Do you like somethings about Bengali girls we missed?
      Let us know!

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      Every community around the world has their own quirks and oddities. And humor aimed at those specific idiosyncrasies can be hilarious. We Indians revel in this same kind of light hearted banter about the myriad communities that decorate our country and we simply love exaggerating those stereotypes and then extracting belly laughs. But then there is the ever argumentative Bengali. We Bongs are a jolly lot. But the following are a few stereotypes we would seriously like to clear up once and for all –



      1. FISH (TUMHI MACHCHI KHABE?!!?!?)First of all MACHCHI is not the same as MAACH (Rhymes with Kutch), it is the Bong word for a housefly or Tamil for SAALA. Yes, being a region blessed with bountiful rivers and the Bay of Bengal, we love our marine and riverine delicacies. We would rather stay away from all kinds of meat and survive only on a fish diet. But of course, this is the general norm – NOT AN ABSOLUTE. Some of us abhor fishes and the smell. Some have had too much of it and now want to be weaned off of it. But then again we generally do not complain much about this stereotype – it’s kinda true!
      Quickmeme – Bengali FIsh


      1. BONG = = ROSH-O-GOLLA – Alas!!! Rosho-o-golla (Rosh – sugar syrup + O – Bong for And + Golla – orb = ROSHOGOLLA) – a stereotype forever assigned to the glorious Bongs. There was this joke once in Readers Digest about a Bengali Bhodrolok in Simla who met his Punjabi neighbor while she was coming back from the market. And this is what she said – “Beta, I had this nagging feeling that I forgot buying something. But now that I saw you, I know what it was… ROSHOGOLLAAAAAA…. Such is the memory evoked by a Bong face. Interestingly, this spongy, sweet, drippy sweet is not even a Bong creation. It was an import from Orissa and their super cool cooks! Anyone who has ever gone buying sweets in a Calcutta store will know that the roshogolla is but the most commonplace sweet to buy – when in hurry, when you don’t care what you serve or when you are just trying to pass off any kind of ball of sweet. The rest of the shelves are piled high with displays of sheer genius from the Bong sweet maker – Mango-Malai, Chocolate Sondesh, Ghoti-Sondesh etc. and the classicsgurer (jagery) mishti, Rajbhog, Monda, Mihidana etc. So stop roshogolla-fying us Bongs and get your bums to Calcutta to experience the entire gamut of mithais on offer!
      Rasgulla – Dekhbhaimeme


      1. INTELLECTUALS & BORES (ahem ahem!) – Yeah yeah… We know the WHAT BENGAL THINKS TODAY etc etc quote. Yes, we are proud of our higher cranial content and intellectual labels. But then why does this have to mean that we don’t know how to let our hair down or do 10 Jagerbombs in a row or dance like a maniac? We are that concoction of brains and bawali who can sit for hours over a pot of tea or whiskey and wax eloquent about the merits of Freudism and then get up, dress up and rock the hell out of a party! We generally handle it all pretty well!
      Intellectual – MakeAMeme


      1. SMOKERS & DOPERS & BOOZERS – We are tired of the entire country just parroting these statistics of number of smokers and boxes of whiskey sold in Calcutta and equating all Bongs to either chimneys or downright drunkards. Yeah a lot of us smoke, but that’s par for most major cities of the world. Yeah we Bongs have been enjoying our tipple for the last few generations and the rest of the country isn’t that far left behind either. And the weed, you say? Well, one’s who hasn’t done it, won’t know it… But seriously, just cause someone’s a Bong doesn’t mean they will have a literal bong plastered to their faces all day long or be puffing away while people around her/him (yes, our girls smoke too, you got a problem??) are choking up. Most of us prefer going the non-smoking way these days. And the drink, well we are seldom the one’s wreaking havoc after a few pints, we can hold our liquor can’t we?
      Smoking Bengali – CaravanMagazine


      1. BIG BINDI & KOHL LINED EYES – No dude, she doesn’t need to wear that bindi and kohl just cause she’s a Bong! Our ladies, oh our ladies! They have lovely doe eyes and sprightly faces! But not all of them are diehard fans of kohl lined eyes nor do they buy tons of big-ass bindis every month. It’s a matter of individual taste you see!
      Bengali Bindi & Eyes – WhyofFashion


      1. BONG GIRLS – URIBABAAAAA – Hell YEAH! They are opinionated, vociferous in their arguments, not easily cajoled, rarely impressed by your Merc or Rolex and basically independent souls. This stereotype is one that we Bongs seldom are not proud of! Every time a Bong girl is eyed outside Bengal, the initial reaction is generally this – “Bhai, she’s gonna be difficult and TERI KOI NA BAAT MANNE WALI…”. That’s right sir, no bullshit here! The Bong lady is a thing of strength and wonder – her society has for the last 200 years been helping her stand strong on her own two feet, valued her opinion and treated her like the source of power she is (JOY MA TARAAAA!). But she is undoubtedly one of the most passionate, feminine, and reflective versions of the Indian female you will come across. So treat her with respect, debate and discuss stuff with her, regale her with your originality and then maybe she will show you what it is to be held in the warm glow of a Bong woman’s friendship and love!

      bONG wOMAN


      1. MA KALI & KALIGHAT – JOY MA TARA, MA BROMHO-MOYEE! Well she is our goddess of strength. But she is not just ours. She is one of the roops of the all-encompassing SHAKTI. A friend of VAISHNODEVI, a mirror image of MA LAXMI and a sister of PARVATI (as narrated by BABA AMISH!). But please stop equating KOLKATA with a trip to KALIGHAT! Sure, go down to the temple once if you are religiously inclined but do remember that it’s not the only place of worshipping MA TARA (TARA = Bengali and Hindi for STAR, talk about our star goddess!). Go and enjoy the peace at Belur Math, feel the smooth stones and the fervor of prayers at Dakshineshwar. Then you will feel the power of MA KALI coursing through your veins! JOY MA!
      Beliur Math


      1. BENGALI-FICATION OF WORDS – No, hell no, not one more! We DO NOT pronounce those words with Os or rounded vowels or liberal doses of spit flying through. We are really good with most Indian languages. We are proud of our diction. And please refrain from trying to talk in Bengali if you can’t put in the minimum effort of learning the lovely language and basic grammar and the correct diction. We are like the French in this aspect – don’t fool around with our language if you ain’t got the love for it. And one more effort of yours at poking fun at the way we speak will find our foot up your…


      1. THE BABU CULTURE, BONGS = LAZY – No Sir. We are and have always been a pretty hard working lot. We respect the labor and hard toil that goes into the making of a man. But yes, we do love our siestas & our breaks. But please go ahead and live that life before complaining about how all Bongs are lazy shirkers. We realize that all work and no play and rest seldom results in top quality output. Give us our fair share of respites and we will stun you with what we achieve when at work!
      Sleping at work –


      1. BENGALI == SPENDTHRIFT & CHEAPOS – Now, we know where this comes from. After all our city is almost always at the top of the list of the cheapest metros to stay in. The reason for the near Spartan Bong habits when it comes to money and showing off its glimmer is this simple adage that our city lives by – LOW LIVING, HIGH THINKING. We abhor blatant displays of wealth, but know when to appreciate good taste; we despise those who expect us to worship them by dint of their pocket strength, but never forget sharing our own load when someone needs it; we like our classics and take time to jump on the bandwagon of “ABHI TO YEHI STYLE ME HAI BHAI!”. Basically, we are not cheap, nor is Ebenezer Scrooge of Christmas Carol our idol – we just don’t splurge for the sake of showing off, we do it when we find worth and value!
      1. DURGA PUJA – Any Bong, all Bongs, and every Bong across the globe feels that tug in autumn to go back to the lap of their mother goddess. And the next time you ask WHAT’S THE BIG HOOPLA ABOUT BEING IN THE CITY DURING THE DURGA PUJA? IS THAT YOUR DIWALI – you Madame/sir are going to be presented with sleeper class (air tickets if the Bong facing you is either super rich or extremely pissed off!) tickets on a train to Calcutta in October. Would anyone let go off of the opportunity to participate in a 5 day long, mammoth sized street festival in their own city that is filled with artistry, colors, food, fun, friends and a little romance on the side? NEVER!
        Durga Puja Pandal – Flickr
        Did we miss a Bengali stereotype you are pissed with? Let us know!

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      Starring Sushmita Sen, Ritwick, Jisshu Sengupta & our favorite rockstar Anjan Dutt, NIRBAAK is the next flick from Baishe Shrabon director Srijit Mukherji.

      This first look trailer of Nirbaak (Bengali for speechless) did leave us speechless. It’s got lust, love, craziness – the hallmarks of a thoughtful Bengali film.

      Watch the trailer and tell us what you feel!

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      Kamal Mitra
      Kamal Mitra as the quintessential Bengali father

      We Bengalis love complaining. Even about those things that we like or love. Even when we are happy and satiated. We just love articulating our disdain and complaints at the drop of a dhuti! So here are the most common complaints we Bengalis have  –



      The summer is too hot, too sunny, insufferably humid & intolerably sweaty (the word used is pyach-pyache). The expectation is of one day having a cool breezy summer! The monsoon is of course too wet and there’s too much kaada (mud on the street!). The autumn is always spent complaining about the sudden mini showers around the corner. The winter is of course too chilly and it’s too tough to take a bath in the morning. And the lovely spring is sure as daylight spent complaining about the Westerlies that make dry dust fly into the Bengali bedroom (CLOSE THE WINDOWS DAMMIT!). These weather updates are of course the easiest ice breakers when two Bengalis meet!

      Morpheus hot



      The most common complaint of the stereotypical white punjabi clad Bhodrolok while sipping his morning cup of tea and peeking at the headlines of an early morning newspaper. Don’t try guessing at the cause for this sudden concern – it’s just a general complaint to the wall or the passing mosquito or the maid or maybe to the wind around him, that signifies that the world in general has not lived up to the Bengali gent’s high standards!

      Uttam Kumar bhant
      Uttam Kumar stressed out



      This complain can come from anyone in your Bengali family. Your Bengali mum in the afternoon, if someone rings the doorbell and disturbs her siesta. Your Bengali baba if the newspaper guy chucks in the paper-roll 5 minutes before the agreed hour and minute. Your Bengali grandparents during almost any time of the day. Most iterations of this dialogue are of course aimed at the music loving or movie buff or guitar playing Bong dude or dudette who creates any sound higher than 50 decibels within the premises.



      Bengalis are a nostalgic lot and nostalgia is one of the first complex English words we learn when growing up in Bengali households. But we do take this worship of yore to a mild extreme – nothing of the present is ever remotely as good as how it was in the past. The food tasted better then, the people were more polite and genteel then, girls were so much more beautiful then, life was easier then, music was Godly then, the arts were practiced with more finesse then and even the chappal was more comfortable then.

      Bengali In Fish Market
      Bengali In Fish Market

       KI AGUN DAAM !!


      The Bengali has never been a appreciator of the devil called INFLATION. Forever wry of rising prices, we Bongs have made sure that price rises are strictly tamed in our backyards. Even a single rupiya rise in bus fares is not to be tolerated without a fervent show of anger via 2 bus burning, 3 MICHILS (processions of like minded Bengalis) and a ton of cursing the powers that be. The most closely watched price index is of course the FISH and VEGETABLE prices at the local market – charge 5 taka more for the same fish the next day and sure as the rush hour traffic on Dharmatala, the Bengali Bhodrolok will turn obhodro (uncouth) in a moment!

      Bengali haggling
      Bengali haggling



      This to a person of logic or who makes sense in any conversation. You dare oppose a Bengali’s point of view – may the lord smite you down with righteous anger. Or if not that then at least a snide comment about how the person making all the sense is just a big show off and will one day face retribution for mocking a good ‘ol Bong.

      Kamal Mitra as the quintessential Bengali father
      Kamal Mitra as the quintessential Bengali father



      Though not an exclusively Bengali complaint (the Hindi version is equally virulent), the Bengali Bhodrolok/Bhodromohila sure knows how to raise their eyebrows at the weirdness of the present generation. Try wearing a spaghetti top or drink at a party with your dad or use the F word aloud in public transport – the stern Bengali look and the comment will sure bite into you from a distant corner.

      Young punk
      Young punk



      Geoff Boycott once said that he expected the entire traffic of Calcutta to come to a sudden halt one day because of the congestion on our streets. The Bengali, even if she/he has grown up amidst all the traffic & honking, will at least complain once every time the vehicle stops at a red light.

      Traffic jam in Kolkata
      Traffic jam in Kolkata

      What other complaints have you heard from Bengalis? Let us know!!

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      Every resident of Calcutta is a passionate proponent of either of the two sides in this decades long debate- NORTH CALCUTTA (The older section of the city) vs SOUTH CALCUTTA (the relatively newer and posher parts). Sadly, these debates, though they start with intelligent points and bonhomie, sure as hell, turn into shouting matches and go back to age old stereotypes assigned to the two areas.
      Here is our take on these inane stereotypes we still attach to the two sides of this lovely city.

      Bongfeed #1 - North vs South

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      By now, most of us have already seen the PIKU Trailer. But we thought of looking into it a little closer & look for tell tale PURE BONG material! We were pleasantly surprised!

      What follows, are 14 things that should make every Bong smile about the PIKU trailer! It is also a little about us tipping our hat to Mr Shoojit Sircar & his soon to release creation!


      The Big B as a Bengali dadubhai?

      Chokhe jol eshe gelo…

      kALA DADU


      I know that street ! 

      That’s how your Bong friend will shout in a Bengaluru movie hall !



      Move aside Bidya Madam… Deepika eshe geche!

      piku trailer6


      Those fiery eyes…

      If you know a Bong woman, then you know what we are talking about!

      ANgry deep


      Ishabgul anyone?

      If you don’t know what this chair is, go ask a Bong!

      Khata Paikhana


      (with a CHICKEN ROLL!)

      A jetty, a boy & a girl & chicken roll – A Calcutta Love story ?



      That’s how most Bong gents still carry their cool!

      hAVAN CAP


      A new angle, leaves you wondering “Where was the cameraman standing?”

      Howrah sunset piku


      You know that expression if you have even one aunt who scolds you for random reasons!

      irritating bong masima


      This IS Bengal! This is how an angaan/courtyard ought to look like!

      Red dalaan piku


      (Hanging balcony)

      This is where most Bongs got inspiration for their poetry

      (also romanced the parar sundori!)

      Dadu Veranda


      Bongs love art. PERIOD.

      And when you see Ramkrishna deb, Sarada Maa & Raja Ravi Varma artwork on a wall, you bow to Mr Sircar for his excellent eye for detail!

      Artwork Piku



      YES, the local train line runs parallel to the Ganga in Calcutta!

      Beat that Mumbai!

      Ghat piku




      Be right back – You can go ahead and watch the trailer



      Bengali stereotypes

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      We Bengalis have migrated out of West Bengal and moved to different parts of India, mostly to earn a living. Wherever you go in...