Marwaris and Bengalis in Kolkata have always had an undercurrent of mutual admiration. Here are a few things a Maru girl loves about her fellow Bongs

Bengali’s have their own way of life. And for the hosts of Marwaris staying in Kolkata in close ontact with the Bong culture, some of these idiosyncrasies are pretty jarring. But even though there exists this clear Bong-Maru divide in the city, an undercurrent of mutual admiration has always been present. Here are 8 such Bong things that a Marwari girl (like the author herself) is regularly amazed by.

1. The Bengali girls SMOKE!

It’s a big deal for a Maru to see Bengali girls smoking publicly. Maru moms never cease to make a comment “How unlady like and such bad culture”. They might just be unaware that their own daughters are doing it in private! Wink Wink!!

Bengali girls smoking. Source ~
Bengali girls smoking. Source ~

2. Experiencing the subtle little things!!

You will always hear a Maru say that bongs are lazy and not ambitious. However they admire how a Bengali enjoys the subtle little things which are more meaningful like ‘ a Gorom cha in the rains’ , ‘ an adda with friends’ or ‘a nice cultural event ‘.

Gorom Cha. Source ~
Gorom Cha. Source ~

3. The Musical Connection!!

Marwaris might not understand or speak Bengali that well, but they have a few favorite Bengali songs in their ipod which they appreciate it more than the Bengali’s themselves. They simply love Bangla gaan.. Bandhu chol, Amake amaar moton thakte dao..

Bondhu Chol! Source ~
Bondhu Chol! Source ~

4. Oh! The sweet ‘sweet tooth’.

The mouth-watering Bengali sondesh, nolen gur, and mishti dai are somethings which a Kolkata Maru cannot stay away from. They often crave it more than the Badam ka barfi and soan papdi.Yummm..

Bengali mishti. Source ~
Bengali mishti. Source ~

5. Its Durga puja and not Navratri!

During Durga Puja, on the streets of Kolkata you will not be able to differentiate between a Marwari or a Bengali. They dress up, they go pandal hopping, they love the late night para addas and the Bhasan. They might sneak in a night of dandiya but they are 101% into the Bong style Durga puja. When they leave Kolkata they travel back more during Pujas than Diwali.

Durga Puja Sydney. Source ~
Durga Puja Sydney. Source ~

6. Bangla Khawa!

Muri and aloo chop, Phuchka, Beguni and the Bengali kichudi.aloo posto. Ohhh!! Its a treat to have the bong food.. And u can see the Maru families enjoying Bengali platter @ 6 Ballygunge Place or Oh! Calcutta.

Bong Food
Bong Food. Source ~

7.The Bong Girl look

The lal pad saree, or tater saree with sleeveless blouse, the beautiful big eyes highlighted with thick black kohl, beautifully made khonpa and the big red bindi! Marwari girls love dressing up like the Bong beauty and are so envious of the big beautiful eyes of theirs.

Sonakshi Sinha in Bengali attire
Sonakshi Sinha in Bengali attire. Source ~

8.The so cute and understanding boys!! 

Irresistible and cute, protective but not possessive, caring and understanding Bengali chele.Their respect for girl’s independence, and their endearing nature has set many a Maru girls’ heart aflutter. Oh..we simply love their boyish charm.

Palash Sen woos Vidya Balan. Source ~ Youtube. Click the image & go check out the awesome video
Palash Sen woos Vidya Balan. Source ~ Youtube.

We wish the Bengali Marwari love story continues forever and we evolve together. Ansun aa gaye yaar...
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